The Yenko Stinger Experience

One of the highlights of the Corvair Museum of America is The Yenko Stinger ExperienceTM. Presented in an indoor replica of the Yenko Chevrolet dealership in Cannonsburg, PA, this interactive experience captures the essence of the dealership, history, and legendary Yenko performance line of sports cars.

The Corvair-based Yenko Stinger was the first performance car Don Yenko built, and the only Yenko built for racing. The Yenko Stinger Experience will feature historic documents and artifacts, a special tribute to Donna Mae Mimms, a racing simulator where you can virtually drive a Yenko Stinger on famous race tracks, a theater showing historical Yenko footage and interviews, and a fully concours restored Yenko Stinger (YS-076) on display.

See the genesis of the Yenko Stinger story as told by the men and women who were there, and who have dedicated themselves to documenting the history.

About Don Yenko

Don Yenko was an American car dealership owner and performance tuner, known for his innovative modifications to the Chevrolet Corvair. Born on January 2, 1929, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Yenko grew up with a passion for cars and racing. He started his own car dealership, Yenko Chevrolet, in the late 1950s and became known for his performance upgrades for Chevrolet muscle cars.

One of Yenko’s most notable contributions to the automotive industry was the Yenko Stinger. The Yenko Stinger was a high-performance version of the Chevrolet Corvair that featured a number of performance upgrades, including a higher horsepower engine, racing suspension, and performance brakes. The Yenko Stinger was widely regarded as one of the first American sports compact cars, and its combination of lightweight design and potent power made it a popular choice among racers and car enthusiasts alike.

Yenko’s modifications to the Chevrolet Corvair helped establish him as a pioneer in the muscle car scene, and the Yenko Stinger remains one of the most highly sought-after collector cars to this day. Don Yenko passed away on April 25, 1987, but his impact on the automotive industry, particularly in the realm of compact performance cars, continues to inspire car enthusiasts and racers to this day.

Don's daughter, Lynn, pictured with Chris Shade at the Corvair Track Classic in Hastings in 2015.