Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the Corvair Museum of America been in existence?

The legal entity of Corvair Museum of America was incorporated mid-2022. In practical terms the museum has existed for many years but finally formalized as a 501(c) 3 organization in 2022!

Does the Corvair Museum of America compete with the CORSA National Corvair Museum located in Illinois?

CMoA sought to partner with NCM at our proposed facility in Hastings, Nebraska. After several months of discussion we all agreed that it was not the best workable solution for both organizations and so sought to develop our separate visions. We at the Corvair Museum of America believe in supporting the Corvair brand through as many channels as possible and that our regional diversity allows plenty of space for more than one museum! CMoA is a Museum and has no intention of developing a competing club or organization.

What makes the Corvair Museum of America different from other museums?

While currently housed in the only working Chevrolet Corvair Dealership in the country, our planned expansion will focus on an experiential take on presenting the legacy of the Corvair brand. Vistors to the museum will be able to physically and intellectually engage with the cars and information through the display, work stations, theater and simulators.

Is the museum a part of Shade’s Classic Corvairs?

The Corvair Museum of America is a separate 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Currently, we are leasing space inside Shade’s Classic Corvairs until our new facility is built. While this new facility will be next door to Shade’s Classic Corvairs, it will remain a separate entity.

Is the Corvair Museum of America involved in the local community?

The Corvair Museum of America places a priority on local engagement and giving back to the Hastings community. We are currently working to partner with several local charities and plan to reveal volunteer opportunities shortly.

Will the Corvair Museum of America take over administration and operation of the Corvair Track Classic that has previously been run at MPH track in Hastings?

Absolutely!! CMoA plans to get this fantastic event back in operation in 2024. Stay tuned and be sure to check our News page for more info.

How can I get more information to help promote the Corvair Museum of America?

For more information and printed material to help promote the Corvair Museum of America, please contact Teresa Miller, Marketing BOD member using our Contact the Museum form or at [email protected].

I am looking for historical and technical information about the Yenko Stinger and Yenko cars. Can you help?

You bet! We have an extensive library on the Yenko Stinger and the Yenko brand. Please contact us at [email protected].

What is the procedure for loaning or donating items to the Corvair Museum of America?

Please visit our Vehicle and Artifacts Donation form to discuss donating. We appreciate it!

Something on the Corvair Museum of America website isn’t functioning properly or I’m not able to view it. What should I do?

Please use the Contact The Museum form.

I am interested in reserving an RV parking space at the Corvair Museum of America, how do I do that?

Please utilize the RV Hookups form to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you!

I would like to stay in the CorvAIR BnB, how do I reserve a spot?

Please use the CorvAIR BnB booking form to make your reservation.

Is the Corvair Museum of America wheelchair accessible?

The Corvair Museum of America is founded on making the Corvair accessible to everyone! All facilities meet current ADA accessibility standards.